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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!


So after “Gig Gate” scuppering my plans for the Scillies in May it’s been back to the drawing board to come up with some re-scheduling of islands and the support team.  With Ian and Jane having the impending excitement of a new grand child their availability is a bit limited during some of 2019 so I’m having to recruit some additional helpers to the A(dventure) Team. Working around everyone’s commitments is never easy, but thanks to a few kind souls and a lot of working out we now have a revised Diary for the islands (details on the website shortly!). The main changes are that whilst the original plan for the Scillies was this May, I’ve now replaced that with a trip to Cornwall to bag a lot of the coastal islands. Tagged on to that is Poole harbour where I’m looking forward to sailing with the AB fleet at Parkstone Yacht club – hopefully inspiring a few adventurers of the future! The original Cornwall dates have now been filled with some islands more local to me, so if I have support team issues they are potentially do-able “solo”.  The rest of the year is still keeping to the original plan until we get to September, when I’ll be heading a long way “Up North” for the amazing Farne Islands. The aim is to get them done this year to free up more time next year for the Scillies, which will hopefully be in mid to late May 2020.  There are a few reserve days in the diary and I’m sure I’ll have to use these as the good old British weather doesn’t always want to play ball with sailing adventures! So think that brings you all up to speed. Thanks for following the adventure and hopefully you can follow me around all the remaining 171 islands – bring it on!