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Yodare – A Tough Decision

After a long winter of planning, fund raising talks and winter maintenance I was really looking forward to 2020. With over a 100 islands planned for the year, including the elusive Scilly Isles, the aim for this year was to get within touching distance of completing that 183 island target. However the path of dinghy adventuring is never straight forward and no one could have foreseen the situation we now find ourselves in. The spread of corona virus across the world has been rapid and devastating. It has changed the way we live our normal lives and at this moment in time, we have no clear idea of how/when we will emerge from this situation. As a consequence I have no choice other than to sadly temporarily halt the adventures of Yodare until we emerge in to a more stable world.

Having spent many, many days over the winter getting the planning and preparation for 2020 sorted it is a tough decision, but the right decision. On the face of it sailing a solo dinghy sounds like the perfect way to ensure you remain self isolating, but it’s not as simple as that. Although I may be on my own aboard Yoda I need help from others as support crew and if the RNLI or any other emergency service have to come to my assistance, I’m making them have to break their self isolation and putting them at risk to the virus . As important as this fund raising adventure is, it still isn’t “essential travel” and has the potential to inadvertently spread the virus to others as I travel around the country.

On a personal note my wife is a nurse so I need to be there to support her, as she supports those people in need. She has always been the most ardent supporter of my adventures and at this point in life I need to be there for her. It is a time when we all need to be socially responsible and give up things to help us all emerge safely from the other side of this pandemic. Some of the amazingly supportive companies and individuals who have helped me along my path of adventure are dealing with tough times including illness, job insecurity and financial challenges. It seems insensitive and inappropriate to be selfish at this time, when what the world needs is people to think of others and their role in supporting them.

My only frustration at the impact of corona virus? To be honest not being able to raise that £50,000 target as soon as possible and help support those who will still be fighting Cancer long after corona virus has hopefully been defeated. So treat this world as if you are the solo dinghy adventurer in self isolation, sailing through the challenging times that we are facing. Remember that you will emerge from this adventure, but to do so you need to adhere to the rules, stay safe and remain focussed on the goal. It’s never a straight forward path, but with perseverance, thought and dedication it is amazing what we can achieve. My thoughts are with those people dealing with the impact of corona virus on their lives and those amazing people putting their lives on the line to help fight this pandemic. Stay safe.


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  1. Jono

    Good decision Ken. We’ll keep an eye on what might be possible later in the year. That planning won’t have gone to waste. Good luck through this.

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