You are currently viewing Yodare Island of the Week No. 12 Scolt Head Island
The wilds of Scolt Head Island

Yodare Island of the Week No. 12 Scolt Head Island

An off shore barrier island – that’s a new type of island for Yodare – Scolt Head Island is right at the top of Norfolk and is home to numerous nesting birds. Comprised of salt marshes, sand dunes, mud flats and huge areas of flat sand it is one of the very few unspoilt wildernesses still out there.

The island is home to several wrecks including a blenheim bomber and the SS Vina whose decaying hulk is visible at lower stages of the tide.

The island is protected by the National trust and access is limited to the local ferry. Consequently its shoreline is a haven for birds and the few lucky shell hunters who make it across.

Really looking forward to the wild peaceful scenery, although the entrance and exit to/from the sea should be another interesting encounter with waves! Here’s a great haunting drone feature on the island.


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