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Too Many Rowing Boats for Yoda

Rowing Boats Scupper Yodare!!

Well it was never going to be easy getting all the logistics to line up and the weather was always going to be ultimate factor, but I didn’t expect a group of rowing boats to prove such an obstacle for Yodare!

Of all the islands scheduled for this year I must admit I had a favourite (don’t tell the other islands!) and that was The Scillies.

All the pictures look stunning and with so many islands in such a relatively compact area it offered the potential of being a sailing Shangri-La. With the help of the team at Isles Of Scilly Travel I’d managed to get myself sorted out getting there and back, but little did I realise that the World Gig (sea rowing boat if you didn’t know) Championships taking place a few weeks before meant that the ferry was full of cargo (rowing Gigs) already, so unless I wanted to abandon Yoda on the Scillies I needed to re-think my plans and that’s just what I’m currently doing. The first obvious decision is that the Scillies aren’t going to happen now until next year – really gutted about that – but hopefully that means I can get a few other islands done this year that were in next year’s plan. So keep an eye out for announcements and changes to the “DIARY” tab on the website. Always be flexible and patient – the wise words of an adventurer! In the meantime enjoy the annoying Gigs in action in the video below!!!!

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  1. Mo Eeles

    Brought back happy memories of my Sea Ranger days in the Thames Estuary.

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